New Dog Laws!

I went to a meeting about the New Dog Laws to learn what is changing. There was a state vet and rep there to let the dog breeders know the new laws.

 I was truly hoping it would be changing for the good of the dogs!


                              I am so saddened by the new laws.


Although there are a couple of small changes for the good of the dogs,     most of it will not change things for the better.


  Do the new laws protect puppies or puppy mills?

                                                           and How does this affect YOU?










                          Thou shall ...KILL...??? ... "What...???"

During the meeting, we learned that breeders may kill any unwanted dogs or puppies as long as it is humanely done. REALLY?”

This means that according to AKC, you can breed a male and female dog until they are 12 years old and after that, they can no longer be bred so what do you do? Does this mean that as soon as the dogs are not useful to the breeder they should kill it? Believe me some will!

First of all, I do not believe that any female dog should have puppies until they are 12 (This to me is an AKC screw up)! That is ridiculous and THAT alone should be considered inhumane.That would be like an 80 year old woman having a baby.

Secondly, I do not believe that once our dogs cannot be bred, they should be killed. "How horrible!?!" I have several old dogs that will die of old age here. I have a 16 year old Yorky that we feed special food to and other old dogs that we cook for because they have few teeth left.  Do you think some breeders will take the time to care for their elderly pets or just kill them?

Upon leaving the meeting, one breeder said that she was going to kill any puppies that she thought may not be very sellable. Another breeder said, “I am going to go shoot all my dogs”, while another threatened to let his all loose. Of course, everyone was upset about the money it would now cost us to stay in business…so I think they were idle threats (certainly hope so)….but this is an example of what is going to happen in the near future (and not by me).

Pennsylvania lost 95% of their breeders this last year do to the new dog law. what is going to happen here?

Thirdly, could someone please tell me what the humane way to KILL is? …According to the state vet and representative at this conference…A bullet... right between the eyes. She did not want to discuss how to kill a newborn puppy you did not want.

Please excuse me while I puke!


The Good News:

1. All dogs must have shelter, shade, and wind blocks if kept outdoors or in kennels.


2. If kept on a wire, the wire now must be coated.


3. Breeders that confine dogs to cages must make the cages a little bigger than the previous requirement...Cages must now have 12 inches of head room.



4. If kept in crates/cages, they must now be allowed 30 to 120 minutes of exercise daily.




5. A dog can not be left in a crate more than 12 hours consistently.






 6. They must have food and water daily.




7. This will be monitored by the state inspectors.  Inspectors will do routine checks once every 2 years.





Reminder: LUV-R-PUPS puppies and mothers are Never in a cage.

The Bad News:

 1. Dogs and their puppies can still live in barns and sheds.


 2.They can still live on a wire (a strangling hazard). Not to mention the damage to feet.


3.They can still have their puppies in wooden boxes attached to their cages.



4. That means it could be up to 23.5 hours in a cage throughout a 24 hour period.




5. Ever tried going 12 hours without using the bathroom? Ever sat and stared out the window for 12 hours...EVERY DAY? 




6.There was no requirement as to how much food and water, except the term "daily".




7. See: "Do New Dog Laws Affect You?" (Below).














                       Do the New Dog Laws Affect YOU?

At this meeting, State vet and rep was there to let all the breeders know the new laws.  Most Breeders are already licensed but  now have to pay a large licensing fee every year. This is in addition to our local license. This is not USDA but a new state license. Our paper work is being doubled and our expenses are going up. We must display in our ads our license # so they can keep track of the breeders.This is just to make sure we are paying enough for our licenses. The fee's are from $250.00 to $1000.00 a year, depending on how many puppies you sell in a year.

So what does this mean for you? With additional licenses and other added veterinary fees, our costs go up. Think of what this means to the puppy business. In a year or two, there will be less and less breeders and therefore the prices will soar sky-high. Puppies will be difficult to find. Puppy prices will go up. There will be NO CHOICE! Especially, when breeders start going out of business due to the new laws.

Now, with the okay from AKC that killing the dogs you don't want is legal if done humanely...What happens to these dogs when the breeder can't afford the business anymore?

Pennsylvania this last year has lost 95% of their dog breeders who went out of business. What happened to their dogs?

What are the activists thinking?





I read an article last year from a CEO of PETA and she said that if she has her way no one will own a dog as a pet, and that dogs should go back to being wild. "Really? How Stupid!!!" Glad to see we have intelligent people representing our animals, ***eye roll***.

I have previously mentioned on this site, that we DO NOT want anyone visiting puppies while out seeing others due to diseases being spread. We now have to subject our puppies to inspectors coming in after being at other breeders as they are doing their routine checks. Who knows what diseases they will carry from one breeder to another?

Even though once every 2 years doesn't sound like much...It only takes one visit to a breeder with Parvo to kill the puppy you are waiting for.

There is one thing I can tell you and that is that We can thank Peta, the humane society of the United states and the animal activists for subjecting thousands of dogs and puppies to death as some breeders go out of business.



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